4 Fruits You Should Eat More Of

We’ve been through five classic fruits that do you good in the autumn, but now it’s time to give the lesser-celebrated ones some love. These fruits are all in season and are packed to the rafters with health benefits.


The pomegranate’s sour taste isn’t for everyone, but they’re packed with antioxidants in addition to vitamin C and folate, which aids with a range of things from fertility to heart disease. Enjoy some pomegranate juice or create a unique-tasting dressing.


Cranberries are a classic autumn fruit, as it’s this time of year when they thrive. Low in calories but high in anthocyanins, they can help with gum disease, heart disease, ulcers and even urinary tract infections. Enjoy cranberries in jams, relishes or add them to muffins for a naughty but nice treat.


Figs are an underappreciated fruit, especially since they have so many uses and benefits. They contain more fibre than any other fruit, as well as being a brilliant source calcium, particularly if you don’t drink milk. Dried figs are a great tasting substitute for gorging on high-calorie desserts, and they also inject more flavour into your mash if you’re trying to keep your butter intake to a minimum.


A sweet fruit that has fallen out of fashion a little, but we can’t figure out why! They’re low in fat while being a fantastic source of fibre and potassium. They can, of course, be enjoyed on their own, but why not add them to your next soup or dessert? Delicious!