4 Health Benefits of Swimming

We try and encourage everyone to take part in a range of fitness activities. As well as coming to visit Mark and the guys at Inspire Fitness, you can always have a game of basketball, go for a run and get stuck into some choreographed dance. But another massively valuable exercise is swimming. It’s a full body workout that has so many positive effects on your body, but here are just four of them!

It’s Great for Muscle Toning…

People often describe running as a whole body workout, but the reason swimming trumps it is you have to work harder to get where you’re going. Water is around 12 times denser than air, which means there’s a lot more resistance, so it is fore more efficient at toning your muscles.

…But It’s Less Demanding on Your Body

The resistance that water provides also helps to support you. When submerged in water, your body becomes about 50% lighter, but this increases to approximately 90% when you’re in to your neck. What this means is that there will be no stress on your skeleton, unlike most other fitness activities. This makes swimming is the perfect workout for injuries or sore joints, as well as people suffering from obesity.

Swimming Improves the Heart…

As a form of cardio, swimming significantly bolsters your heart, increasing its size in a good way. With a larger heart, your resting pulse rate will decrease massively, meaning it has to do less work to pump blood around your body.

…As Well as Your Breathing

Being half-submerged in water for the majority of your workout means you’re forced to work on your breathing. Holding your breath while underwater and efficiently taking in air when you can leads to superior control over your breathing pattern, assisting you even when working out in other ways, such as running or during team sports.