5 Reasons We Were Born to Run

Bruce Springsteen was always telling us we were born to run, but did you know that as well as a full-body workout, running is great for your general emotional and physical health?

Run Off Those Pounds

First and foremost, running is a great calorie burner. It works out almost all of your body and the ‘afterburn’ effects are phenomenal, continuing to have a positive effect after you’ve got home and showered.

Give Your Joints a Hand

Contrary to popular belief, running isn’t detrimental to the health of your knees—it’s actually beneficial! Research conducted by representatives of Boston University shows that regular runners are less likely to develop osteoarthritis. What’s more, the vast majority of people who develop knee arthritis in later life do not have a history of running.

Improve Your Emotional Health

Running has been proven to positively benefit those suffering from anxiety or depression, likely due to the extra release of serotonin. But aerobic exercise also eradicates kynurenine from the blood, a metabolite linked with stress.

Exercise Your Mind

Regular running, even just three times a week, can help you to stave off mental decline, improve memory and develop general brain function. This is all down to getting extra energy to your brain, one of the side effects of increased physical activity.

Even Hear Better!

Believe it or not, going for a run increased the blood flow to your ears, meaning you’ll be able to hear better! I bet you never would have guessed that one!