5 Top Summer Health Tips


It may not be the heat wave that we hoped for, but this summer has definitely been a warm one, and if last year is anything to go by, we’ll be having most of our barbecues in September. But the warmer climate requires different habits when it comes to both your eating habits and your general fitness, so here are some top tips to get you started.

Take Your Exercise Routine to the Streets

While the gym is brilliant for those cold and rainy winter months when going for a run outdoors seems like the worst thing in the world, while it’s relatively nice, you should definitely take advantage of the great outdoors. Running, cycling, football, netball—there are loads of activities that you can use to get fit!

A Very Berry Diet

It’s well and truly the season of the berry so tuck in! Fresh strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are filled with fibre, keep you cholesterol down and help with tissue repair due to a high amount of antioxidants. Pretty cool stuff.

Sun Protection

As well as wearing plenty of sun cream, there are other things you can do to protect yourself from the sun. Olive oil contains fatty acids that help your skin to fight back against UV damage, as well as stopping your body from becoming dehydrated by locking in moisture.

Glug That Water Down

Speaking of hydration, warm weather is the best excuse to keep drinking as much water as possible. Not only will it quench your insatiable thirst, but you’ll replace all that you lose through sweating. What’s more, a lack of water can make you think you’re hungry even when you’re not, so you might see some benefits round the waistline.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Now we’re not saying you should avoid the beer garden entirely, but try and stick to lower alcohol and lighter drinks in the summer months. Instead of a strong ale or finger of whisky, try a cold, light lager or white wine spritzer.