5 Ways to Include More Blueberries in Your Diet

Blueberries are a wonderful food, not only are they tasty, but they have a whole host of health benefits. They’re low in fat (about 80 calories per cup), high in fibre and a single serving can give you as much as 25% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C! Not only that, recent studies have shown that blueberries could reduce your risk of heart disease due to their high anthocyanin content, as well as ward off urinary tract infections. But working them into your diet amongst everything else can be a bit of a challenge, so Inspire Food have put together a simple guide to help you introduce these little wonders into your daily routine.

Eat Blueberries as a Snack

This one’s plain and simple–just grab a few and chow down! Fresh blueberries are delicious and contain all the health benefits you could ask for. Next time you feel your sweet tooth coming on, step away from the biscuit tin and head for the blueberries instead. What’s more, you can even freeze them for a cold treat, or as a replacement for ice cubes. Not only will frozen blueberries keep your drink cool without watering it down, you also get a tasty treat when you’ve finished!

Stick Blueberries in a Smoothie

If you’re not already enjoying smoothies on a regular basis, you should get on board. They’re a great way to pack in loads fruits quickly and easily, and blueberries are really simple to incorporate as they go with practically any flavour. Strawberry, raspberry and banana all make delicious smoothie partners for the humble blue fruit, but feel free to experiment. We had chocolate and blueberry smoothies the other day–naughty but nice!

Have Blueberries with Breakfast

The most important meal of the day is a great time to treat yourself a range of healthy fruits. Throw a few blueberries in with your cereal for an added tanginess, mix them in with your porridge for some much-needed sweetness, or crush them into an unsweetened yogurt for a sweetly sour flavour.

Go Savoury

Mix it up a bit by including blueberries in some savoury salsas or sauces. Adding the fruit to a red or white wine sauce gives it a great bite when poured over beef or chicken, and something your dinner party guests will definitely want to emulate. Similarly, add some fresh blueberries when making your own salsa, as the sour fruit plays off perfectly against the spice of jalapeños and peppers. Delicious!

Add Blueberries to Your Pastries and Muffins

If you have to have something a little sweeter, adding a few more healthy ingredients can’t be a bad thing. Whether it’s muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, or even homemade bread, these little wonders will make them taste great without adding too many calories.