Are You Eating Enough Root Vegetables?

Now we’ve made it into October, grocers and supermarkets are full of organic root vegetables. Not only are they cheap, filling and delicious but they’ll do your body some good as well!


Parsnips have a sweet, nutty flavour and they’re a great tasting alternative to chips or wedges with your evening meal. A fantastic source of vitamin C, iron, calcium and fibre, parsnips have got it all, so there’s no reason not to load your plate up them whether they’re roasted, boiled or mashed.


Another root vegetable, turnips are also rich in both vitamin C and fibre, but they have the added benefit of containing phytochemical sulforaphane, which can protect against certain types of cancers, including breast cancer. Also similar to parsnips, you can use turnips in almost any recipe that includes potatoes, so be sure to use this nutrient vegetable instead.


Swede has a richly peaty flavour that goes well in casseroles, as a side dish with a Sunday roast or mashed together with carrots. As well as a wonderful flavour, swede is a good source of both fibre and vitamin C in these autumn months.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes—although not directly related to regular potatoes, despite their name—can be used as a substitute for them in almost every dish. And with the amount of health benefits they’re packing, you should substitute them as much as you can. Baked sweet potatoes, for example, taste as good or better than a normal baked potato, but their added sweetness means that you don’t really need a filling! They’re extremely high in vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as containing plenty of fibre. Yummy!