Birthdays at Inspired Energy are Extra Special

Here at Inspired Energy, we benefit from a range of excellent facilities in the form of Inspire Food, Fitness and Beauty. And when the time comes, we know how to celebrate.

Filling out paperwork as a new starter is always a bit dull, but with us you have extra incentive to get your date of birth right. As soon as each employee’s birthday rolls around, Dom and Justin, the top chefs Inspire Food, get to work making a delicious cake. And we’re not talking a muffin with a candle in either; the cakes they bring out are big enough to share with everyone. And with the amount of sharp-eyed cake lovers at Inspired, there’s never any left to spare.

Not content to rest there, the guys are always mixing it up with a range of delicious flavours. We’ve had sponge, chocolate fudge and carrot cake in the last month alone. With the amount of September birthdays, we’re really pushing our Inspire Fitness memberships to the limit at the moment!

With Inspired Energy, you can have your cake and eat it! Now, who’s next?