Diet & Exercise: How to Fit It All In

How many times have you come home from work with the best of intentions to head out to the gym or make a nice, healthy dinner…but fell at the last hurdle because you were simply too tired? Well you’re not alone! Long working days are exhausting, and the last thing we want to do is anything strenuous, but Inspire has got some tips and tricks on how to fit everything in.

Scheduling is Key

We’ve spoken before about why keeping a food diary is a good tool to watch your calorie intake, however planning out your meals and your workouts is a great motivator when it comes to sticking to a diet and exercise plan. By meticulously scheduling when you’re due to be at the gym, go for a run, or at a fitness class, you are booking a slot of time especially for maintaining your health, so it’s more difficult to just skip it when it comes to it. Likewise, by planning out your meals for the week and purchasing the relevant ingredients, you are less likely to stray.

Keep Healthy Snacks in Plain Sight

If you’re prone to snacking, this neat little trick will be right up your street, and it can be done at home or at work. In case you get a little peckish, display some healthy food items right where you can see them, on your desk or the coffee table, and you will be more inclined to grab an apple that’s right in front of you, rather than a chocolate bar or bag of crisps.

Be a Morning Person

Easier said than done, I know. Many people complain that once they get home from a hard day of work, the last thing they want to think about is running a mile or pumping iron at their local fitness centre. To combat this, make your mornings about exercise. This will stop you making excuses not to go, and many people also find it energises them for the rest of their day as well!

Workout at the Weekend

We all love a lie in at the weekend, but for one of your days off, it may just be worth getting up early to head out and work some muscle. It’ll set you right up for the day (and alleviate any guilt from spending the rest of it on the sofa!). Little known fact: a workout is the best hangover cure, too!