Should I Eat Before the Party?

It must be a question I’ve asked myself a millions times. Do I eat before the party and risk getting there to be presented with a huge buffet? Or do I save myself, only to find a complete absence of snacks, appetisers and hors-d’oeuvres?

The main worry is a dietary one. If I hold off on dinner out of politeness, there’s a serious risk of me either eating things that aren’t part of my diet plan, or scoffing everything I see as soon as I get there!

Eat Light & Eat Early

The easiest way to avoid this is to eat before heading out as a way to retain complete control of what’s going into your body. As an additional tip, I try and eat as early as possible, so that my body has digested everything in plenty of time and I’m not bloated by the time I have to squeeze into something tight-fitting.

Pick something rich in fibre but low in fat so that you’re not breaking any rules, but you’ll still remain full for the duration of the event, and not be tempted by any snacks on the table. A good old-fashioned salad with plenty of veg is great for this, or even some muesli or porridge!

But I know it’s not always that easy–sometimes you simply don’t have the time to prepare and eat a meal, as well as get ready and travel to an event. So if you really must eat once you’re out, there are a few things you can still bear in mind.

Remove Temptation

First of all, grab a small plate. Not only will this limit the amount of food you can actually fit on it, but it will also trick your brain into thinking you have had a bigger portion!

When at the food table, we also have a tendency to pick up one of everything to get a good range of what’s on offer. You can help yourself by sticking to the lighter snacks, such as cucumber sandwiches and greens, rather than sausage rolls and pork pies.

What’s more, once you have selected your food items, get as far away from the table as possible! By removing the ability to just reach over and grab something, you’re making resistance a whole lot easier!