Extreme Weight Loss Methods – Hazardous to Your Health

We have talked about weight loss before, and those methods that some misguided people use as a path to short term weight loss and long term health problems. You may be tempted by some of these techniques as a quick fix, but we urge you to avoid them at all costs.


Purging involves forcing yourself to throw up after eating (as well as the use of laxatives). The thinking behind purging is that you get all the taste, experience and satisfaction of eating food, but not the calories. It goes without saying that this is a dangerous thing to try, as it can lead to both physical and mental problems including bulimia, esophagus erosion from stomach acid, tooth decay and serious body dehydration.

Detox Plans

Detox plans involve evacuating fluid from your body, often without any professional supervision. As the human body is designed to deal with toxins and hydration regulation on its own, a cleanse can pose a threat to your health via dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and other complications.

Extreme Exercise

It may sound crazy, but too much exercise can be a bad thing. Overworking your body, particularly when it’s undernourished due to a crash diet, can cause serious wear and tear, increase your chances of injury, and effect organ function. Experts recommend that 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise five times a week is more than enough to keep you on the straight and narrow—don’t overdo it.


The only foolproof way to maintain a healthy body is to follow a health and exercise regime like those suggested by Inspire. For more tips on healthy weight loss, please visit your local GP.