Family Fitness

With such busy lives, it can be difficult to balance family life with work, exercise and social activities. But with a little ingenuity, you can work out with the whole family, killing two birds with one stone. Not only do you get to engage in fun new experiences with your children, but developing an active lifestyle for them early on will help them to form good habits for the future.

Garden Grooming

This one will let you spend time with the kids and give your garden some much-needed TLC all in one fell swoop! Pull out weeds with them, plant something new and do some general digging around. Most children love to get so muddy that they won’t even notice they’re getting fit in the process!

Clean & Condition

Speaking of chores, you can apply the same technique once you head indoors. Make a game out of household chores, like seeing who can dust the most surfaces or get the washing to the right place the quickest. You can even expand on the infamous ‘floor is lava’ game by commanding them to rescue their toys and games from the floor before they get swallowed up.

Take a Hike

Not everything has to be a chore, though! A walk in the forest or over a hilly landscape is great for fitness and makes you feel good to boot. Teach the little ones about plant and wildlife and get some wind in their lungs. Best of all, by the time you get home they’ll probably pass straight out, giving you some peace and quiet.

Go for a Dog Jog

Taking the dog for a walk twice a day is something that has to be done, but if there’s one thing they love more than walking it’s running! Go for a jog with your dog and bring the whole gang with you. Just be sure to keep away from the roads by heading to the park or beach.