Fitness Tips for All the Family

When you’re looking after your family as well as yourself, you have to make sure they’re eating right and getting enough exercise. While you can’t keep your eye on them 24 hours a day, there are some fun family activities you can introduce to get everyone’s hearts pumping.

Dance the Day Away

Many children, especially the younger ones, just love to dance. Turn the music up really loud for 10 minutes a day and join them in a jive. By making it a little bit special, they’ll always look forward to it and do it with more enthusiasm than you can shake a stick at! And that means even more calories burned.

Obstacles Aren’t Always Negative

The key to getting your little tykes to stay active is to make a game out of everything! Create an obstacle course around the house (or in the garden if you’re a little bit scared of the chaos this might cause) and time them to see who can get a personal best.

Ditch the Car at Collection Time

It can be a nightmare getting parked when you’re picking the kids up, so why not walk or cycle instead. Not only will you get in and out much faster, but you’ll all feel benefit of it round the waistline. If you live too far away from school, try parking 15 minutes away and walking the rest instead.

TV Training

We don’t expect you to be on your feet 24 hours a day—you are allowed to watch the telly sometimes! But you can mix TV watching with some light exercise—either in the ad breaks, where you must all do the most press ups or star jumps before the programme comes back on, or during the show itself.