Food Trends That Will Dominate 2015

New year, new me! Or so we tell ourselves every January when we pledge to change our eating habits. But it’s not always as easy as that, and we have all been guilty of falling back into old habits by the time March hits. But changing what you eat doesn’t completely have to rock your world to its core! Here are the health-based food trends that look to call 2015 their own.

Organic, Natural Produce

Foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts have always been popular choices for the health conscious, and with good reason. But in recent years, pre-packaged, supermarket ‘healthy’ options and branded diet ready meals have become the norm for those looking to trim the fat at teatime. The thing is, these meals can often be heavily processed and full of artificial sweeteners and the like, which is not the best for your body–it is a temple after all! The food shopper in 2015 is aware of this and is going back to basics; you really can’t beat some good old-fashioned fruit and veg.

Souping and Juicing

Juicing was big last year and it will still be going strong well into 2015; expect to see a lot more juice bars popping up across the country, but you can just as easily cut out the middle man and make your own! A mid-tier electric juicer won’t break the bank, and it will save in the long run as you just throw in a load of fruit in and reap the health benefits. Souping is the hot new craze this year and it’s exactly what it sounds like–making your own soup! Cram in as many nutrient-packed veggies as possible and enjoy, without all that excess sugar and salt that’s often used in tinned or carton soups.

Bigger Breakfasts, Smaller Dinners

Breakfasts were once about a quick bowl of bran or a slice of toast, but that’s not the way it’s going to be this year for many households across the country. Get up a little earlier and make breakfast your main meal of the day, especially since it’s supposed to be the most important. Remember, you have your entire day to work off those extra calories compared to your evening meal; after which many of us veg out on the sofa until bedtime. Stock up in the morning and you’ll be less hungry throughout the day, only needing to top up in small doses. Which leads us nicely onto our last point…

Snack the Right Way

It’s taught to us from an early age that we should eat three square meals a day. But the place where a lot of us fall down is in between these pre-arranged meal times, when we need to top up with a biscuit or some chocolate to see us through until tea time. Many have suggested that we work better to a five-meal schedule, where we get to enjoy five smaller meals instead of three larger ones. However, whether you choose to enjoy smaller meals or just snack between your ordinary ones, make sure your snacks consist of fruits, yogurts and nuts rather than a bag of crisps!