Get Fit for a Marathon

It’s that time of year where fun runs and marathons are beginning to get into full swing, like the Great Manchester Run next month. So whether you’re a hardened veteran or a first time runner, it’s worth having a training plan to make sure you’re ready come race day. Inspire Fitness would recommend going out between three and four times a week to maximise your fitness level without going overboard.


This should be your most common kind of run, taking up about half of your week’s running. You should be running at a leisurely pace that does not get you too out of breath by the end of it. Jogging is great for building up your stamina without overworking your body for the harder runs throughout the rest of the week.

Speed Running

Speed running takes the same idea as jogging—running at a constant pace—and turns it up a notch. Speed running should be hard but not uncomfortable, and you should definitely be tired at the end. This is the run you should put the most effort into to keep your speed high and your time low. It will help you to build up your running speed on race day, so aim to do one of these every other week.

Interval Training

Many people are surprised at just how difficult interval training is, but it’s probably the most strenuous running exercise of all. The aim is to sprint for an extremely short amount of time, followed by jogging for slightly longer. Training plans vary from person to person and from race to race, but a beginner may do 20 seconds sprinting followed by 60 seconds jogging, repeating the process four times. This will build your aerobic fitness and should be done on alternate weeks with your speed runs.

Extended Running

Each week you should aim to do a longer run at a steady pace. By doing one of these extended runs, you can significantly improve your endurance and your stamina. If you get it right, this is the speed you’ll be running the marathon at.

We hope you enjoyed this basic running plan and get training for that race. But remember that your rest days are just as important. Going out every day can do serious damage so make sure you include some recovery time for maximum performance.