Healthy meals at Inspire Food, by chef Dom

You’ve probably already met Dom, the other half of our cheeky Inspire Food chef duo! Together, he and Justin are committed to developing healthy meals and experimenting with nutritional options to make lunchtime at Inspired super tasty and extra healthy.


Before Dom joined us to help create Inspire Foods, he was a chef at one of the leading North West leisure resorts, Ribby Hall. After working for several years as a barman, Dom found himself routinely being called upon to relieve the kitchen staff and support them during busy periods, preparing and cooking meals for guests. His talents didn’t go unnoticed and it wasn’t long before Dom was offered a permanent position as a chef in the restaurant kitchen.

Dom lives and breathes good food and loves nothing more than serving up something that puts a smile on the face of those lucky enough to eat it. Up for a new challenge and ever keen to expand his personal portfolio and skillset, Dom joined us to set up our inspiring café, right here at Inspired Energy.

Whether you are looking to improve your eating habits or just try something new, both Dom and Justin in the Inspire Food kitchen will be happy to make recommendations and even work with you to tailor a nutritional plan that complements your lifestyle and fitness regime.