Healthy Festive Food Swaps

Christmas is a time for merriment and cheer, and what better way to enjoy yourself than with a delicious festive treat? A little bit of what you fancy does you good, but with so much on offer the festive season is fraught with temptations that could sabotage your healthy eating regime or weight loss success. We don’t want you to feel you’re missing out on all the delicious seasonal treats, so we’ve devised some clever festive food swaps that will enable you to enjoy the flavours of the holidays, without the guilt and the extra pounds to show for it!

Swap Gingerbread Lattes for Winter-Spiced Teas

The gingerbread latte has become a Christmas season staple, with every high street coffee shop and independent café across the country offering up their own variation. Usually they are made with full fat milk, flavoured with rich, sugary syrup, and topped with freshly whipped cream. Sounds incredible, right? But is the calorie count worth it? You could save yourself 300-400 calories with a winter-spiced tea instead. There are so many variations, from spiced apple to gingerbread and cinnamon, and they all taste like Christmas in a cup for only a few calories.

Swap Eggnog for Mulled Cider

Milk, cream, sugar, whipped eggs and brandy—everything you need to make eggnog, and your waistline expand! As delicious as it is, you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the 400-500 calories (and that’s not even for a big mug)! Mulling your own cider with clementines, cinnamon sticks and cloves will give you a warm Christmas hit for almost a quarter of the calories.

Swap Mince Pies for Mince Filo Tarts

With upwards of 250 calories and 10g of fat apiece, mince pies can be the devil in disguise, especially if you can’t just stop at one! If you’re making your own, why not swap the all-butter pastry case for filo pastry and create mincemeat filo tarts instead? They’re crunchy, sweet, festive and half the calories. Result!

Make Smart Buffet Choices

‘Tis the season of the buffet! Whether it’s the work do or the family Boxing Day gathering, there’s bound to be a selection of tempting finger food on offer, but making smart choices will keep your healthy eating regime on track. Simple swaps will save you hundreds of calories, such as swapping creamy dips for salsa; trading breaded chicken strips for grilled prawns or lean cold cuts; avoiding breads and pastries; and filling up on salads, fresh fruit and slow-release energy foods.