How to Choose a Suit That Fits

When it comes to fashion, men have generally got it easier. Whether it’s a wedding, ball, awards show, conference or dinner party, a suit always goes down a storm. But something that often gets forgotten is that sizing truly is everything. Here is Inspire Beauty’s guide to choosing a suit that looks incredible.


Let’s start with the most visible aspect of a suit—the chest. You should be able to fasten your suit jacket comfortably but without leaving too much space. What is too much, however? Button the jacket and place your clenched fist within it; if you have a little give then that’s just about the perfect size.


If a suit is too tight at the shoulders, you’ll definitely know about it. Far more common is having huge shoulder pads like someone straight out of the 80s. Ensure there isn’t a great deal of extra material at the shoulder and you should be fine.

Jacket Length

The length of the jacket itself is often down to personal taste, as long as it’s not too long. Stand up straight with your arms completely outstretched downwards; if you’re able to touch the hem of your jacket then try one that’s slightly shorter.


This one’s easy! Around an inch of your shirtsleeve should show past the jacket. If all measurements are spot on apart from your sleeves, don’t be too concerned—simply have them altered.


A far cry from the trend of skinny jeans, suit trousers should neither be overly tight nor overly loose. In terms of where they should sit on your waist, that’s entirely up to you!