How to Stay at the Gym Beyond January

We all know the stereotype. Everyone makes the same New Year’s resolution to start exercising, but it takes a special kind of person to stick to that promise. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few tips that will hopefully mean you’ll come back and see us at Inspire Fitness again and again.

Remember How Much it Cost You

It may seem like the easy way out to simply stop going back to the gym, but bear in mind that you’ve already spent a fair amount on the road to fitness already. With specialised equipment, clothes and shoes all necessary for most routines, as well as a gym membership, it makes sense to take advantage of this investment and use the facilities.

See If Those Threads Fit

When we have a weight loss goal, many of also have that certain outfit to match, something that we’d like to wear once we’re at our target size. If you don’t have something like this, I’d highly recommend you get one as it can be one of the greatest motivators to get you out the door.

Reward Yourself Properly

Many people create a system for themselves as a motivation tactic and either feel guilty about it, or don’t provide themselves with enough of a benefit. Well first of all, there’s no need to feel ashamed of providing yourself with an incentive—we all do it, and if it gets you out there then great! And secondly, make sure what you earn at the end of it all is worth getting. No one wants to head out in the cold with the promise of a yogurt.

Set Realistic Goals

This one isn’t about how much weight you want to lose, but rather how much you’re going to be venturing outside. For example, if your aim is to visit the gym five times a week and you only make it four times, you will inevitably feel guilty for missing a day and it may just send you off the wagon again. It would be more realistic to go out three times a week instead, making you less likely to miss a day and keeping your schedule regular.

Dust Yourself Off and Go Back

And if you do have a blip in your routine, the most important thing is not to beat yourself up about it. What’s done is done, so get up and head back out there. You can do it!