Why You Should Plan Your Meals

At Inspire Food, we believe there’s a lot of value in a good, solid meal plan. Although it can seem like a chore before you begin your weekly shop, there are so many benefits that’s it’s absolutely worth doing one.

You’ll Be Much Healthier

When you get in from a long day at work and you haven’t got the shopping in, it’s oh so tempting to just ring the local takeaway or pop out to the pub for your evening meal. By having your meal plan already in place, you’ll have already budgeted and scheduled what’s for dinner, so there’s less chance of cheating!

Reduce Your Stress Levels

When your partner or the kids are squealing that they’re hungry at 5pm, a healthy meal plan will stop you from panicking and throwing just anything together. Instead, you’ll be fully prepared, taking the pressure out of mealtimes.

Increased Efficiency

Although planning out the meals for the week can seem a bit arduous, you’ll find that your actual shopping trips will become so much quicker and easier! Since your ingredients are all listed, you’ll breeze round the supermarket like it’s nothing at all! As an added extra, you’ll never be in the middle of a recipe before realising you’re all out of oregano again.

Reduced Wastage

When you’re just doing a shop on the fly without any sort of strategy in place, you’ll end up buying too much of some things and not enough of others. This leads to things getting pushed to the back of the fridge or cupboard before going off and being thrown away. Planning what you’re getting for the forthcoming week avoids this, as you only buy enough for what you’ll be eating.