Relive Your Childhood with These Playground Exercises

I often look back to my youth with rose tinted glasses. Apart from everything else, it was easier than ever to keep fit and healthy because lunchtimes didn’t consist of sitting and eating for an hour, but of running around the schoolyard and playing games. Likewise, the evenings were for wolfing my tea down before heading straight out to the park to have a kick around, not watching TV on the sofa. So what better way to keep fit than by getting in touch with your 10-year-old self and doing some of these playground exercises?


Skipping is one of the most popular playground games, and that’s because it’s so simple. Not only can you burn over 400 calories in a single half-hour session, but you will also improve the muscle tone of your legs, shoulders and arms. Finally, as you can imagine, skipping will improve your sense of balance, coordination and your body’s flexibility, making it an exercise with countless benefits.

Running Home

Do you remember finishing school and being desperate to get home to check out your favourite cartoon on TV? As soon as I was out of those school gates, I was sprinting home in my full uniform, schoolbag and all, to get through my front door as quickly as possible. Now, I’m not suggesting you should be sprinting out of the office in a full business suit or with your work uniform on, but why not take some running gear into work and get changed before jogging home? Cut down on petrol costs and get healthy at the same time.

Jumpers for Goalposts

An old favourite for me and my friends was heading down to the park, throwing a few jumpers down on the grass and have a good old-fashioned kick about. There’s no reason you can’t do the same thing these days, especially when it begins to get warmer. Take a picnic down with you and make a day of it; you’ll have so much fun you’ll probably forget you’re working out at all!