Soup of the Day at Inspire Food–What Will it Be Today?

We’ve all had that favourite café, restaurant or sandwich shop that we can’t help but visit at every possible opportunity. And after a good while you get to like one particular thing on the menu; it might be that lip-smacking spaghetti carbonara or an extra special chicken club sandwich that’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted. But no matter how good it is, eventually you’ll start to get fed up of it. Uh-oh!

We love all the delicious goodies on offer at Inspire Food (although we are a bit biased), but we don’t want to fall into the same trap. After all, variety is the spice of life. That’s why we have loads of daily specials for you to choose from, including our Hot Roast of the Day, Deli of the Day and, best of all, Soup of the Day.

Hand-made by our trusty chefs, Dom and Justin, each day there’ll be a new soup to try, anything from minestrone to mulligatawny, and everything in between.

With an ever-changing menu, there’s no excuse not to come and visit us every day and try something different! See you next time!