The Perfect Post-Gym Skin Routine

We all put time aside for our morning and evening skin care regimes but do we pamper our skin enough after bettering our bodies in the gym? Here are Inspire Fitness’ recommendations for a post-gym routine that your skin will be grateful for.

Remove All Make-Up

It’s not ideal to exercise wearing make-up as your pores open up and it affects the skin’s ability to breathe. However, if you’ve accidently left a spot of concealer on, don’t fret. Just ensure you remove all remnants of make-up before hitting the shower.

Use the Sauna

A golden glow can seem incredibly appealing after you’ve spent time whipping your body into shape. Take a step back from the sunbeds, however, as that temporary tan isn’t worth the wrinkles and skin damage that come from extensive tanning. Instead, opt for the sauna as the steam helps remove impurities and is a great cleanser for your pores.

Stick to Your Usual Products

Gyms often offer face washes and shampoos but it is always advisable to keep your regular products with you for your post-gym shower. Keep a travel kit in your gym bag so you don’t risk creating an imbalance in your skin’s chemistry from using unknown products.

Cleanse Your Skin

Your skin becomes very sensitive after exercising so it’s important to treat it gently. When showering, try not to scrub your skin as though you’re exfoliating. Use the right cleanser and remember that bath oils are particularly valuable for sealing in that fresh, post-gym glow.

Soothe Any Irritation

After cleansing, use products suited to your skin to combat any redness or irritation. Don’t overindulge with serums and creams—allow your skin to relax and enjoy its post-gym radiance!


It is incredibly important to put moisture back into your skin after exercising and cleansing. Although cleansing is good for your skin, you’re taking away nutrients along with the impurities. Hydrate your skin with a touch of moisturiser. We cannot recommend using a quality, vitamin-packed moisturiser more—it really makes all the difference in relieving your skin.

Protect Accordingly

After your gym session is over and you’re ready to get back to the real world, ensure you protect your skin using sunscreen or a shielding cream for those inevitable winter winds!