Top 4 Benefits of Keeping a Food Diary

Last time, we went through the best practices of keeping a food diary. But what other positive effects does this have for you?

Make Getting Healthy a Doddle

The simple act of writing down everything you eat instantly makes you more conscious and more likely to improve your diet. Instead of having to write ‘Pizza and chips; large coke’, you’ll instantly feel better for recording that roasted veg or egg salad instead.

Quickly Spot Under Consumed Food Groups

Not only are you more likely to feast on healthy treats, you can also figure out the areas in which you’re lacking, making it easier to get a fully balanced diet. For instance, you might be taking in far too much bread, potatoes and rice, but not enough fruit and vegatables.

Uncover Your Allergies

Some foods make us feel gassy, nauseous or bloated, but it’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what. By keeping a food diary and including how you felt afterwards, as we went through last time, you can finally figure out whether it’s cheese or chocolate that’s giving you trouble.

Eliminate Overeating

The best reason of all to keep a diary! You’re making yourself fully accountable for everything that passes through your lips. Sometimes it’s easier to wait until dinnertime rather than have just one more biscuit!