What Your Outfit Colour Says About You – Part 1

We all like dressing to impress, but we tend to focus more on the style of our outfits and less on the colour. What many people forget is that colour is one of the biggest indicators of personality, and which colours you wear can seriously impact how others perceive you. Let’s take a look at what five colours mean.


Starting with a classic, black is timeless and oozes authority. It’s a lot of people’s first choice because it’s slimming and matches almost everything, but what else does it say about you? On the positive side, it translates an air of formality and respect, so it’s ideal in a business context, but it’s also associated with mourning so can be seen as depressing or discouraging. Best to pair black with other brighter colours for the most beneficial effect.


Black’s less extreme little brother, grey is confident and sophisticated while remaining largely neutral. It’s great for situations where you must remain impartial, as it translates a feeling of stability and balance. What’s more, it’s often seen as a very elegant colour, which may explain why grey suits are so popular.


Unsurprisingly, white is associated with cleanliness, as well as with purity. It’s light and elegant in its simplicity, and often signifies a new start—this could be a great choice for your New Year’s Eve party outfit. Its stark contrast with black makes the two colours complement each other perfectly.


You’ve probably heard the term ‘seeing red’, but how does this apply to your choice of clothing? Red can be perceived as aggressive and attention grabbing, which in the wrong environment is a serious negative. However, it can also be seen as energetic, enthusiastic and exciting. If you want to get people’s creative juices flowing, or increase morale around the office, red might just be the colour for you!


If you want to be a sea of tranquillity within an ocean of chaos, choose blue threads. People see blue as relaxing and even-handed, so they’ll be more willing to put ideas forward in brainstorming sessions as they’ll feel less likely to be mocked or criticised. Blue will also make you look more trustworthy, so if you need to talk someone round to your way of thinking, raid your wardrobe for anything navy or azure.