What Your Outfit Colour Says About You – Part 2

Last time, we spoke about some of the more common clothing colour choices, whether that’s at work or at home, and how they affect other people’s perceptions of you. And while it’s all well and good talking about blacks and greys, more exciting selections say just as much.


Green has two contrasting associations—both of nature and financial wealth—and you can use both of these perceptions to your advantage by adding some choice green to your look. Not only can you display your positive and caring nature, but you can also show your ambitious side as well in one fell swoop.


If you want to be apart from the crowd, yellow is the way to do it. Easy to spot when applied in the right way, yellow colour schemes have a friendly and informal tone, as well as portraying you as generally optimistic. Balance yellow out with some softer colours, however, as you don’t want it to be overpowering.


Orange is an interesting one, stating warmth and confidence simultaneously. An interesting combination of red and yellow, wearing orange will lead others to believe you possess qualities of each, being bold without taking yourself too seriously. However you wear orange, you’ll be sure to stand out.


Purple is seen as being fairly regal in tone, so if you’re a budding team leader or want to impress a client, it could be a good pick. But don’t take it too far—too much purple can be seen as over-luxurious, which can put across the wrong idea.


Pink is interesting as different shades of the colour can have considerably different effects. A pale pink or salmon item is generally seen as happy and peaceful, while hot or shocking pink is more energetic and aggressive. The ideal shade very much depends on what your aims are.