Don’t Let the Cold Weather Ruin Your Winter Exercise Schedule

A common question we are asked at Inspire Fitness is whether it’s safe to exercise outside during the very cold weather that we’re currently experiencing. The majority of healthy people will be fine out in the cold, providing they take a few precautions. However, if you suffer from asthma or a heart condition, you should seek medical advice before engaging in any winter exercise or outdoor activity.

Drink Lots of Water

Exercising in the full heat of summer is thirsty work, and we tend to drink plenty of fluids in order to alleviate this. When it’s cold, however, we don’t always realise how dehydrated we are. Remember to drink before, during and after any workout you do, regardless of the temperature, or how thirsty you think you are.

Layer Up for Winter Excerise

The key to staying warm in the great outdoors is to wear plenty of layered clothing. The ideal set up is three layers: first a polyester material, then a woollen layer, and finally some sort of waterproof so that you stay both warm and dry. Add to this a hat, gloves and scarf and you will hardly be able to feel the cold, especially if you get your sprint on!

Grippy Footwear is a Must…

When it gets really cold, the risk of snow and ice gets a lot higher. Although there’s no perfect solution, it is highly recommended that you wear boots or shoes with a serious amount of grip as this will reduce your chances of slipping and hurting yourself.

…As Is Bright Clothing

If you’re out in the evening at this time of year, it’s wise to wear bright clothing so that drivers are able to see you. If you have a reflective or high-vis jacket, all the better!

Know When It’s Too Cold

Although there’s nothing wrong with braving the cold and maintaining your exercise routine, it’s really not worth putting your life at risk. Always check the weather report before heading out to make sure it hasn’t dipped to dangerously cold levels.

And remember, Inspired Fitness is open seven days a week from 7am – 7pm, for the days you just can’t face the cold! Come and speak with one of our expert personal trainers and hone your workout routine in our state-of-the-art facilities.