Why Working Out with Friends Is Good for Your Health

When we think of working out or going to the gym, we often think of it as a solitary exercise. You throw on some old clothes, head to a building full of machines and get sweaty, tired and out of breath. Doesn’t really scream ‘social event of the year’ does it?

But there are quite a few reasons why taking a mate with you could work out better in the long run.

Working Out with a Friend Makes You Train Longer…

When you’ve got someone by your side on the next rowing machine or treadmill, you’ll be surprised at how much longer you end up training. Whether it’s because you’re completely distracted from working out because you’re talking with them, you don’t notice how much time has passed, or you’re simply trying to compete with them to see who can go the longest, it’s a win-win for your exercise routine and your fitness.

…And You’ll Burn More Calories

Of course, working out for longer will always mean you’ll burn more calories. But as well as keeping you going for longer, your gym mate will make you compete with them in other ways, whether you realise it or not. You might turn your treadmill’s speed up, increase the resistance of your exercise bike, or add another weight to your chest press. As long as you stay within your limits and don’t strain yourself, none of that is a bad thing.

You’ll Be Seeing the Gym a Lot More

If you’re only relying on yourself to head down to Inspire Fitness, it’s all too easy to put it off ‘just for today’, when there’s no good reason not to get working out. The beauty of meeting someone at the gym is that not only are you more motivated to go, as you don’t want their fitness to get ahead of yours, but you don’t want to let them down by not going with them. That just wouldn’t be polite!

You’ll Have Loads of Fun!

We know that workouts can sometimes be a chore, even if they are good for you. The great thing about meeting a friend (or a few) is that you can turn it into a real event. How often do you think that you need to see everyone more? Turning the gym into a proper social gathering will let you kill two birds with one stone–not only does it make the session more enjoyable, but you‘ll get to see your friends for an extra few nights a week.