Workout Music to Make You Train Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Have you ever heard a really good song, only to look down and see your toe tapping in time with music? Music is universal in making us move, so why not harness that energy next time you visit Inspire Fitness? It can help in more ways than you think.

Music is the Ultimate Distraction

Marathon runners and hardcore athletes alike will tell you about ‘The Wall’–a point during extended periods of exercise when it feels like you can’t go on. This pain is very real, so you can’t do much to stop it, but what you can do is distract yourself! By listening to workout music, you will concentrate on the sounds and the rhythm, making it easier to ignore the pain and fatigue you might be going through.

You’ll Try and Mimic the Beat

When you’re listening to a song while working out, you’ll actually mirror the tempo of the track; so the faster the music, the quicker you’ll work. Songs that are between 120 and 140 beats per minute are said to be optimal for a great workout, so bear that in mind when putting your playlist together. You can even try mixing it up with a range of different genres and speeds for a form of interval training. You could be sprinting to Salt-N-Pepa one minute and jogging to Johnny Cash the next.

A Good Track is the Best Motivator

Sometimes, there’s nothing you want to do less than head down the gym and get moving. But by sticking your earphones in and blasting the hits, you can turn the experience into something enjoyable. Been meaning to catch up on your favourite band’s new album? Your next routine is the perfect opportunity.

Great Tunes Breed Positive Vibes

Music has been scientifically proven to cheer listeners up and discourage negativity. By plugging in your phone or MP3 player, you’ll be able to focus more on the positive effects of what you’re doing. It may seem tough now, but you’ll love the results!