Workout Smarter, Not Longer

We hear the same excuse all the time when it comes to keeping fit–“I’m too busy. I haven’t got time.” And while these days everyone is busier than ever, that’s no reason to sacrifice your health. In fact, research says that packing in short exercise sessions, rather than working out for long, extended periods can actually help you to lose weight faster! Here’s how:

Interval Training

Interval training requires you to alternate between high and low intensity workout activities, activating the afterburn effect and burning more fat than if you were to maintain a steady pace. So you can reap the benefits of a long workout in a much more condensed time frame, and avoid straining or overusing your muscles for good measure!


Supersets are another way to make the most of your time at Inspire Fitness and are linked quite closely to interval training. A superset consists of carrying out a set for a certain muscle, and immediately following this set with another without breaking. It’s best to start with two exercises, but as you develop you may be able to do three, four or even five in a row without stopping!

Dynamic Workouts

Heading down the gym, it’s easy to play it safe and stick to the machines, working on individual muscles in isolation. But to craft a truly healthy physique you need to work on a variety of muscles simultaneously. There are very few activities that require you to move just one body part; most movements use your whole body in unison, so dynamic exercises such as running, lunging and jumping not only keep you fit for what the real world throws at you, it also means your routine takes a lot less time.

Treat the Weaknesses

None of us like to admit it, but we all have a routine we feel comfortable with, normally because we tend to be good at it and don’t want to step out of our comfort zone. However, by paying attention to your weaknesses, you will see a much more rapid improvement. So if you’re a keen runner, get lifting those weights; and all you bodybuilders, never skip leg day!